expansive films is the home of award-winning filmmaker christopher darling

With a background in Film & Television, starting out as an Actor in TV Shows such as "Home & Away" and "All Saints", until moving behind the camera in the Grips and Lighting department and working his way up to Shooting, Editing and indeed Directing, Christopher is the right person to get the professional and cinematic video you're looking for.

Possessing a passionate and personable attitude, Christopher is intent on making the best video possible on every given job. In fact, his ethos is to strive for perfection constantly, and to aim to improve on his last video with every new video he makes. This is an ever-changing landscape in which we all work in -- and if you're not striving for improvement each and every day, you're not only standing still; you're going backwards.

Christopher has worked as a freelance Filmmaker/Video Producer for the last few years, and during that time has worked for some of the biggest, and most recognizable Brands in the world. He is also an Award-winning filmmaker, driven to make edgy, kinetic and vivid films. His last Short Film "Perdition" which was shot deep in the Australian outback is currently showing in various Film Festivals all over the world, and was named as the Best Alternative/Independent Film at the Discover Film Awards in London.  Big or small, Christopher will tell your story.

That's what it boils down to: Who do you trust to tell YOUR story? That's our point of difference. We focus on YOUR story, YOUR message and YOUR business.

Let us tell your story!

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